Teis Albers

Graphik is een ontwerpstudio waar je terecht kunt met uiteenlopende opdrachten. Fotografie, grafisch ontwerp, illustraties, branding, animatie en videoclips.

Gijs Fall 2019
Lifestyle photography for dutch shoebrand Gijs.
Starman - David Bowie Tribute
Promotional pictures for the dutch David Bowie tribute band Starman NL with Rias Baarda
Various people
The Velvet Roses
New pressphoto for coverband The Velvet Roses. Redid their logo with more neon colors and used a color gel to mimic this effect in the photograph
Gijs Schoenen 2019
New promotional photography for dutch shoebrand GIJS.
coverband mashup from the Netherlands called Starstruck
Projekt Rakija portraits
Projekt Rakija portraits for their new album which shows three personalities within one photograph
Wild Bunch
Shot a bunch of wild men in the woods at sunset
A Giant A Genius
Bandphotography for loud dutch band A Giant A Genius.
Various musicians
Portrait session with musician Harm
Book of Job
Portrait of Martijn Crins of the band Fake Billy and the False Prophets to announce their new video by a song called 'Book of Job'
GIJS Shoes
Dutch quality shoebrand
a variety of musicvideos I shot and editted through the years
AMB Holding
Various garages and showrooms
Jorcustom shoot 2017
Photoshoot for custom T-shirt company Jorcustom
Jorcustom Summer 2016
Photoshoot for fashion brand Jorcustom. Shot in 's-Hertogenbosch at the Tramkade
Jeroen Kant
portraits of the Dutch singer-songwriter
Adels Auto's
Photography for car dealership Adels Auto's in Veen, the Netherlands
Business portraits
Business portraits for the employees of Hague Corporate Affairs
Gijs Go
Promotional images for Durea their new shoe line called Gijs Go.
For a local magazine I shot some senior farmers.
Photoshoot after a videoshoot I did for the band of spoken word artist Marco Martens
Bouquet. A new serie by Teis Albers, a mixed media photographer from the Netherlands. These circular photos of almost dried up flowers shine a new light on bouquet photography. The reason I use almost dried up flowers is because I like the fact that they're already in a state of decay. Which is also a fact of life. You're born, you live your life and get older. For some years I've been making mixed media art and now I combine this with my own photography. I've made these photographs by combining separate takes of wide angle and closeups in photoshop. For more of my work go to www.teisalbers.nl of follow me on Instagram @teisalbers.art
Macro Glass
Macro photography of broken glass. Shot with different color gels and two strobes.
Photography of various workshops
RYU - Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts
Hague Corporate Affairs
Corporate photography
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