Graphik is een creatieve studio voor grafisch ontwerp, fotografie, webdesign, video & illustratie.

Gijs 2021
Panama Pictures
Janneke den Hartogh
GIJS Schoenen 2022
Stadsbrouwerij Sint Crispijn
poulson sq.
Portraits for ambient duo poulson sq. from the Netherlands
Hague Corporate Affairs
Various designs for Hague Corporate Affairs. A communication and lobby firm from the Hague. I've worked on various illustrations, Infographics and animations.
Accountants magazine fotografie
Bruiloft Karim & Maartje
Various designs for dutch danceparty Lakedance
Vrijeschool de Driestroom
AMB Holding
Fotografie en webdesign voor diverse automobiel- en carrosseriebedrijven.
The Vessel
Loes Kagenaar
Marieke & In 't Hof
Onna Musha
Short film made with puppetmaker Matt Jackson and dancer Kristien Sonnevijlle combining puppetry, masks, butoh dance and more. We made this together in a few days for the Indonesia puppetry festival Pesta Boneka.
Adels Auto's
Photography for car dealership Adels Auto's in Veen, the Netherlands
Renesas illustrations
A serie of illustrations for microchip producer Renesas. These are used for advertisements and presentations.
Desperados. Where's the party!
"Party in a no man's land"
Video for "Party in a no man's land" by This is Lovski. BOSNIAN TROPICAL ELECTRO This is LOVSKI is the brand-spanking new musical act of Bosnian-Dutch musician and performer Igor Sekulović. At the age of 9 he fled Yugoslavia to escape the war. He left his country behind, but the one thing he brought alongwashis passion for the sounds of the Balkan.
Gijs shoes 2020
Photoshoot for Gijs shoes at the Noordkade in Veghel
Gijs shoes November 2019
Photo/ and videoshoot at Fort Honswijk for Gijs Shoes
Jeroen Kant - Diesel
Photography + Graphic Design for dutch artist Jeroen Kant his new EP called Diesel.
Beer labels Sint Crispijn
Design for all of the beer labels by Dutch craft beer company Sint Crispijn.
One Shot
Promotional pictures for Dutch coverband ´One Shot´
This is Lovski
Malford milligan & the southern aces
Gijs Fall 2019
Lifestyle photography for dutch shoebrand Gijs.
Starman - David Bowie Tribute
Promotional pictures for the dutch David Bowie tribute band Starman NL with Rias Baarda
a variety of musicvideos I shot and editted through the years
The Velvet Roses
New pressphoto for coverband The Velvet Roses. Redid their logo with more neon colors and used a color gel to mimic this effect in the photograph
Gijs Schoenen 2019
New promotional photography for dutch shoebrand GIJS.
Gijs Go
Promotional images for Durea their new shoe line called Gijs Go.
Isek studio
Promotion material for Dutch producer Igor. ISEK studio
coverband mashup from the Netherlands called Starstruck
A Giant A Genius
Bandphotography for loud dutch band A Giant A Genius.
Portrait session with musician Harm
Grafisch ontwerp
Various musicians
Groove Circus
Promotional design for an event called Groove Circus. Organized to promote the new album by funk band "Power to the Pipo"
Van Pelt Architecten
Portrait photography for dutch architect company called 'Van Pelt Architects". Shot in natural light with the focus on interaction.
Projekt Rakija portraits
Projekt Rakija portraits for their new album which shows three personalities within one photograph
BAMI Magazine
Book of Job
Portrait of Martijn Crins of the band Fake Billy and the False Prophets to announce their new video by a song called 'Book of Job'
Various people
Business portraits
Business portraits for the employees of Hague Corporate Affairs
Sugarworks - Sugar sculptures by Mayke Verhoeven
These sugar sculptures are made by Mayke Verhoeven, an artist from the Netherlands. The sculptures are 50 cm high. I photographed them in my small studio with the usage of a variety of strobes and diffusers.
Photoshoot after a videoshoot I did for the band of spoken word artist Marco Martens
Jorcustom shoot 2017
Photoshoot for custom T-shirt company Jorcustom
Club Monza - Flyer & poster designs '08 -'11
For Monza, a club in Utrecht I used to make lots of flyerdesigns, here's a selection.
Projekt Rakija Bandphoto
Bandphoto for balkan style band from the Netherlands called "Projekt Rakija"
Interior photography
Photography of bathroom and kitchen showroom designs
Rufus Wood - Videoclip & Poster
Various music videos I shot & edited
Jorcustom Summer 2016
Photoshoot for fashion brand Jorcustom. Shot in 's-Hertogenbosch at the Tramkade
Superhero Cheesecake
Advertising company in Amsterdam
GIJS Shoes
Dutch quality shoebrand
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