“A portrait! 
What could be
more simple
and more complex,
more obvious
and more profound?”
Ever since I got my first disposable camera and watching my brother work his magic in his bedroom darkroom I'm fascinated by photography. The way you can capture a moment wich in reality doesn't exist is magical.

I bought my first digital camera in 2001 and since then I've been shooting everything I could point my viewfinder on. Concerts, travels, friends, bands and an experimental phase of Lomography.  Later on I got fascinated by motion and the sudden possibility of putting lenses on dslr's for the first time in 2008.

I learned a lot just by doing it, going on the road with local musicans and make videoclips. Learning about audio, lighting, steadycams, jibs & sliders. I got back into photography when I got hired to take some bandphotos and got myself some speedlites. I experimented with them and tried all sorts of modifiers, stripboxes, snoots, umbrellas and diffusors.

I'm a big fan of the '
Studio Anywhere' way of working. I really think you can make great pictures everywhere. You just have to be creative and look with an open mind.

Next to photography I love making art, play the piano and monkey around with my wife and 3 children.